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  • User Guide for My Account

    View the My Account Flyer for a user guide for My Account.
  • Optional Service for Setting Up Automatic Premium Payment (EFT/ACH)

    Click Here for optional services for setting up automatic premium payments.
  • Understanding your Caltech Retiree Service Center Monthly Billing Notice

    All monthly bills generate the first Saturday of each month for the next month’s premium due. Below is an example of how the billing process works:

    • The bill for October premium is generated on the 1st Saturday in September and payment will be due October 1.
    • If full payment is not received by the October premium due date, 10/1, a second billing notice generates on the 1st Saturday in October. This billing notice will include the November premium amount in addition to the October amount due.
    • October’s premium payment must be received by The Caltech Retiree Service Center no later than October 31st in order to keep coverage active.


    Click Here to view a PDF further explaining your premium notice.

  • When to Contact the Caltech Retiree Service Center?

    We are Mercer and we have partnered with Caltech to provide all of your retiree health benefit administration services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Caltech Retiree Health Benefits Program.

    We handle the administration services for Caltech, please contact us if you have any questions regarding:

    • Enrollment status/coverage elections
    • Billing statement/payments/signing up for electronic payment
    • Plan eligibility information
    • Payment information
    • Address/phone number changes
    • Notifications of deaths
    • Termination of coverage for yourself or dependents
    • Power of attorney designation/authorized representative

    We can be reached at, 1-855-251-0910 Monday – Friday, 5:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Pacific Time.

  • New Retirees

    If you have declared your retirement date please review the following information. Click Here
  • Need to Update Your Address?

    If there is an address change, please contact the following applicable parties to ensure your records are correct:

  • Retiree Service Center Holiday Schedule

    Click Here for the 2024 Holiday Schedule.
  • 2024 Electronic Funds Transfer Calendar

    Click Here for the 2024 Electronic Funds Transfer Calendar.