Caltech - Retiree

Caltech - Retiree  


What’s new for 2021


Some plan rates will increase while others will decrease beginning in January. Make sure you review the changes to your monthly plan costs. See pages 7–15 for details about the 2021 health plan options and their associated costs. Aetna Medicare HMO members will receive new ID cards from Aetna.


Defined Dollar Credit will be increasing by 2%.


  • Aetna is requiring a change to the formulary to the pre-65 medical plan options - Impacts about 20% of the current population utilizing Rx benefits (additional details to follow)
  • For Aetna post-65 plans (excluding the Value Plan), members using Preferred pharmacies will have lower generic copays ($1 less for 30 day supply, $2 less for 90 day supply)
  • Caltech added supplemental benefits to the Medicare Advantage plans: - Meal Benefit (following inpatient hospital stay): • Aetna provides up to 14 meals • Kaiser provides up to 3 meals per day up to 4 weeks
  • Teladoc Benefit - Aetna plans include Teladoc, you can talk to a doctor, therapist, or medical expert anywhere you are by phone or video.



Thinking about retiring? Review the 2021 New Retiree Guide below.



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