Dental Program

Dental Program


The Aetna Dental Plan is a standalone benefit plan available to both Medicare Eligible and non-Medicare eligible members.


Aetna Dental® Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan - Stand-Alone Dental Plan

Under the PPO dental plan, you may choose at the time of service either a PPO participating dentist or any nonparticipating dentist. If you select a participating dentist, savings are possible because the participating dentists have agreed to provide care for covered services at negotiated rates. Nonparticipating benefits are subject to usual and prevailing charge limits, as determined by Aetna.

Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Plan – DeltaCare Dental HMO Benefits Plan

The DeltaCare Dental HMO Benefit is included as part of the Senior Advantage Plan (for Medicare eligible members only) and cannot be purchased as a standalone plan.